A Critical Review Of The Beyond Diet Program


The Beyond Diet program is a no calorie counting, advanced Diet program that claims to be a personalized, custom diet program which helps you meet your daily calorie requirements along with weight loss.

If you search around, you will find a lot of positive beyond diet reviews on the web, right from testimonials to videos to blog posts.

It basically works on a theory that every person has a particular ‘Metabolic type’.


Metabolism means literally means the conversion of food energy into chemical energy or ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). Our body requires the ATP energy to carry out its day to day functions.

This diet program describes that there are three metabolic types found in humans – Proteins, Carbohydrates and a combination of both these as mixed type.

This means that there are some people in whom their body is able to metabolize proteins efficiently and the main source of energy is only proteins for them and similarly some derive the energy from carbs and some from both.

So if you know what type of metabolism you have then you can go for that respective protein or carbs or mixed diet plan and get the program work wonders for you.

Sounds so simple? But it isn’t as simple as it sounds and is not that easy for everyone to follow it. The metabolic theory that the diet plan explains, lacks evidence and clinical trials.

Among all those who have taken up this

gluten free diet plan

; the ones with protein type metabolism have come up with more positive results than those with mixed types and very fewer with carbs type.

The question is that does this theory really work or it is just an assumption. Many dietitians around the globe claim to have beneficial results in weight loss in their patients with a ‘High protein diet plan’ and they prescribe this plan without determining any particular metabolism type of their patients.

Thus the results found with the beyond diet book could bear resemblance to this common high protein diet and not necessarily with the theory they describe in their program.

In many of the beyond diet reviews, they ask you stop eating processed foods and other substances that are high in calories. The plan also encourage exercises for cardiac health and general fitness. They claim to have to have effects on blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels but lacks evidences yet.

The short comings of this program are found profoundly on people of the ‘carbs metabolic type’. People have reported that they felt a lot of muscle weakness and body ache post adopting this plan.

This could be probably because the people with Carb metabolic type are prescribed more of carbohydrates and very fewer proteins. Cutting down on proteins did not do quite well with them and did not bring any significant weight loss as well.

However whether the theory is founded on some scientific grounds or not, the bottom line fact is that, the plan given by the ‘Beyond Diet Program’ seems to be working. Except for the unsatisfied few, the plan has achieved moderate to good results in many individuals.

Eating healthy and exercising daily is a staple regime for a healthy body and the’ Beyond Diet Program’ encourages you to do just the same.

The Beyond Diet “Metabolism Types”

The Beyond Diet believes and apparently has self-proven that each of us has a unique “metabolism type”, which is Protein type, Carb type or Mixed type.

Here is a screenshot of the type of questions we are asked…

beyond diet metabolism test

So what Isabel Del Rios suggests is that once we find our type, we can simply start eating more of the foods that suit our metabolism and our body will automatically auto-correct itself and bring our weight to an equilibrium.

Any further weight loss can be encouraged by exercise or other activities, but she says that unless we first eat according to our metabolism type, the initial weight won’t budge.

Now, when I was first reading all this, I though it’s just a gimmick to get me to buy the program, so I was quite skeptical to say the least.

But then I researched around and apparently, many reputed sites have written about it (see here and here) and it’s not just a claim. thought since I have tried almost everything else, why not give this a shot, especially since they claim (and it sure seems so) they have over half a million members.

Well, lo and behold, it really does work! I have a protein type metabolism, and once I started eating according to that ‘type’, my weight actually started decreasing, I had more energy and it just started to look positive!

My skin tone improved, I slept less and after about a month, I actually felt from the inside to start playing tennis again! And it was after almost 8 years that I held my racquet and it felt GREAT. :)

Does Beyond Diet Really Work?

How It Works

The Beyond Diet book was created by Isabel De Los Rios, a certified nutritionist, exercise specialist and the best-selling author of ‘The Diet Solution Program – Stop Dieting, Start Eating and Start Living!’ The Beyond Diet, unlike many other diets, allows you to eat foods that suit your body type.

It will first help you to figure out your body type with the help of a series of questionnaire and once you know what your body type is you are made aware of the foods that will work for you and help you shed all those kilos. Apart from food awareness, the Beyond Diet program also includes a self-help guide and lists many other recommendations that could potentially help you lose weight, naturally.

Is Losing Weight Easy on the Beyond Diet?

After you embrace this nutrition program and all the rules and regulations it offers, weight loss can be positively established! But, there is a trick and a very unusual one at that. Most diets tell you that junk food, fat and carbohydrate intake is not good if you want to lose weight, and they are right.

But what those diets do not offer is a good, permanent ban on junk food intake. Yes, you read that right! It is unfair and difficult, but to whom will it actually benefit? Ask yourself.

Important Factors

As unique as this health program gets as you go through its contents, it has some more offerings to the dieter which will help him/her lose weight, naturally. The program boils on factors such as to detoxing your mind, eating the right food in accordance to your rate of metabolism and to take a moment to think, think and rethink about all your goals, queries and practically all your doubts regarding your weight loss and your body.

It is a step by step program; therefore you will be given a thorough account of what your next step towards weight loss should be.

The Healthy, Tasty Recipes

What can be better than a collection of tasty recipes that you can enjoy as they help you keep up with your food intake and maintain your weight loss? One thing you won’t find while searching for beyond diet program reviews is the praise on the recipes.

beyond diet shake

beyond diet recipes

Those two are my ‘current favorites’. ;) Isabel offers absolutely delicious recipes for you that have been selectively adapted and customized from cookbooks, specialists and also with the suggestions of members and it is abundant with nutrition.

As the Beyond Diet, I am sure you have figured that by now, is not the stereotypical traditional diet but mainly a new way of creating healthy, permanent eating habits it is essential to consume good, tasty food in order to stick to the habit.

If you are a foodie-turned-dieter, it will work the best for you!

What do you get with the basic Beyond Diet purchase?

Here’s a list of everything you get with the basic $47 purchase:

  • Lifetime membership to the program, with free updates as they are done.
  • Access to the premium recipes and questions area.
  • Downloadable guides as PDF files. Here’s couple of them…

    beyond diet manual

  • An array of nutrition and diet tools at your finger tips. I personally like the daily journal, if you take just 5 minutes every night and document what you eat, you’ll be surprised with the amount of data you have at the end of 4-5 weeks!
  • And apart from all the tools and info BD provides, I also got an OUTSTANDING fasting and workout guide from a fellow blogger (whose review made me write this review!)… you can check it out here – www.beyonddietcentral.com/reviews/ and ask her to mail you her fasting and workout guides, she sends it for free apparently.
  • Finally, with the beyond diet, you have one system that has been proven to work IF YOU TAKE THE EFFORTS.

A note on “efforts” and quick fixes…

By now, I am guessing that 9 out of 10 of us have tried at least 3-4 diets, couple of “pills” and maybe even some shady solutions to try and lose our flabby guts!

One way or the other, we are back where we started or worse. And to break this “try-fail-newstuff-try-fail-newstuff” rut, we need to STICK to one thing for a while, for more than 8 weeks to actually see results.

Now, in one particular beyond diet review, I think by a blogger names Bonny, she specifically said that this program is NOT going to work for everyone, yep it just might not. But the reason I personally like it is at least it is very logical, practical and is NOT a fad diet.

We keep hearing day in day out about “change your lifestyle“, but we do not actually think about it.

What does it REALLY mean?

It means…

  • Eat as if your life depended on it.
  • Eat foods that your grandmother would recognize as food!
  • Move as much as your grandparents did.
  • Control anger and impatience.

In short, live with the higher standard of living that technology allows us to, but DO NOT allow your body to get dependent on the technology.

Move more, eat more (of the right stuff) and when that’s done, THEN enjoy all the ease and comforts that modern times brings to you.

That my friend, is how you “change your lifestyle”.

What Is Beyond Diet? How Is It Different?

Some people have compared it to the Paleo diet, but this program is completely different and far more detailed than the Paleo.

The Beyond Diet is not just any diet, in fact, first I tried searching on WebMD for a good review. But after not finding one, I found out myself that it is a diet plan based directly on your metabolism, a way of healthy life and makes you aware of the right food intake to stay healthy and eat well, and at the same time lose weight. Junk and processed foods, sugars and all foods that are unnatural must be avoided.

It is essential to follow the rules in this diet plan, only then you will see yourself transforming for the better.

Isabel De Los Rios – the creator of the diet plan does not like the idea of counting calories. Therefore, she has inferred a new way of using calories to choose food proportions which actually changes the perception about calories. That’s what makes the Beyond Diet different.

Always take the essential steps to improve your life, both mentally and physically.

Nobody can tell you how your live your life, but you sure can choose to embrace the Beyond Diet or not.

Teachings from the Beyond Diet Program

To give you an idea as to what exactly Isabel and Jeff Siegel teach you, here are some snippets of the training picked up from the main manual…

We Don’t Live By Food Alone

Although sometimes we may feel that our lives revolve around food the truth is there are many other things that deserve our time and attention.

If you really want to lose weight you need to embrace all of the other aspects of living that bring joy and happiness. That means focusing on your relationships and engaging in creative and physical activities that stimulate your body and your mind apart from work.

When you begin to fully engage yourself in other activities the desire and need for food tends to diminish. Naturally, if you want to optimize your weight loss you need to add activity into the mix.

Eating right will help you shed weight but in order to maximize the burning of fat there is no way around the doctors primary advice to get active. Now that does not mean you have to take up running but you can be more attentive to incorporating activity into your life that you enjoy.

Beyond Diet Tips and Tricks In Your Daily Routine

Follow through is an important concept in all things. It does not do much good to develop an ambitious exercise plan if you do not have the motivation to follow through on it and carry it out every day. So use the tools given to you in the membership area every day.

beyond diet tools

So when you think about creating a plan to add activity into your life think about the things you love to do that you know you can follow through on.

For example, maybe you love to get together with the guys for a round of golf every weekend. Put it on the list and commit to it! Maybe you are a gardener. Set aside an hour or two each day and go out and do the gardening. Perhaps you just enjoy walking the dog. Walk the dog at least once a day for 15 minutes.

Park the car at the far end of the parking lot instead of the closest space when you go shopping. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.

Go outside and play with your children for an hour each day. The important thing is to build activity into your day that is interesting, inviting and sustainable. It does not have to take an enormous amount of time and variety is a good thing. Cross fit is all the rage because research shows that we need to change things up in order to optimize our “workouts” and our physical conditioning.

The place to start is to identify the types of things you love to do most and see how those activities can be used to increase your level of activity throughout the day.

Remember, the beyond diet foundation encourages you to create a plan with variations so you do not become bored. Change things up every so often to keep it interesting and fun.

Best Practices & Common Mistakes

Personal experience and talking with others who have bulletproofed their diets and their lives I have come up with some tips to help you sustain your new eating and lifestyle changes.

Here you will find some of the most common mistakes people make as well as some tips to make the most of your bulletproof diet lifestyle.

Learning from others successes and failures helps to shorten your learning curve and makes your experience easier, more satisfying and fulfilling.

7 Best Beyond Diet “To-Do’s”

Set realistic goals

Set goals that are time bound, measurable and specific that you can follow through on. Do not commit to unrealistic, fanciful goals that are unattainable.

Find ways to live a more active lifestyle

Look for things to do that will add more motion to your daily routine. If you do not like to workout try a sport you like such as swimming or golfing. Even taking stairs at work instead of an elevator adds more activity into your routine. Be creative!

Adapt the program to fit your personal style and needs

The beyond diet blueprint is only a guide to better eating.

Do not be afraid
to experiment and adapt it to suit your tastes and your lifestyle.

Eat a diet of moderate protein instead of a high protein diet

The quality of the protein you consume is more important than consuming high amounts of protein. Eat grass-fed beef and lamb and wild-caught fish. Avoid factory meats and farmed fish.

Eat more grass-fed butter fat and less dairy protein from milk and cheese

Avoid dairy protein because it triggers inflammation and inflammation triggers food cravings. When you eat dairy fat like grass-fed butter it helps the body build up cell membranes and healthy hormones. Isabel very strongly recommends organic grass fed butter in the plan.

Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing

This is one tip I found in another beyond diet review. Proper digestion begins by learning how to chew your food properly. Every bite should be chewed at least 40 times until the saliva breaks it down into mush. Chewing slowly also helps you feel full faster and allows you to really enjoy the flavor of the food.

Experiment and have fun

Look at your diet and life as an adventure. Make it fun. Think of weight loss as a journey rather than a destination.

Some Beyond Diet “Taboos”

Try to change everything at once

Making too many changes too quickly can be overwhelming. Make changes slowly and start with the changes that easiest for you to make mentally. Your mindset is the key to long-term success.

Don’t cook with canola oil

Canola oil does not hold up well when heated. It is better to use grass-fed butter or coconut oil.

Do not eat sugar or starches before dinner

When you eat sugar and starch throughout the day it causes blood sugar spikes and food cravings. Eating a minimal amount of starch at dinner however, can improve sleep.

Avoid gluten in your meals

The Beyond Diet and Isabel Del Rios is a big proponent of a gluten free diet. And gluten free dieting is not a “trend”. It is proven in MANY recent researches to be true (see this and this). Gluten is another trigger for inflammation and it also causes a reduction in blood flow to the brain in many people. Gluten is also bad if you are serious about losing weight.

Do not count calories or weigh yourself too often

Counting calories puts the focus on the wrong things. It makes you focus on the things you cannot eat instead of all the things you can eat. Weighing yourself too often can be discouraging.

Weight loss does not always happen in a sequential way. Little swings up and down or a log time stuck at a plateau point can break your spirit and resolve to follow through with making behavioral and eating changes that can transform your life.

Do not beat yourself up if you have a bad day

Sometimes we all need a cheat day or things happen that cause us to make poor choices. Do not beat yourself up. Acknowledge that it was a bad day and recognize that tomorrow is a new day.

Remember that it will not always be this way-when things are bad they do not remain bad forever. Life is not great all the time.

There will be bad patches. The important thing is to pick yourself up and begin again with the right intention and a positive attitude.


Losing weight with your diet and your life is all about making informed choices about how best to support your body and mind.

Learn from the experiences of others and use recipes that others have tried, tweaked and love to eat. Following the examples of others that have done what you want to do helps establish a repertoire of meals, foods, mindsets and activities that provide the power to help you drop pounds and improve your health.

Join thousands of others who are discovering the freedom and power of primal eating and how it can transform your life, health and happiness with the Beyond Diet gluten free program.

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